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Brainy Stuff


Hey everyone,

So, I don’t quite know what this page, this category, is to be about yet, really.

I wanted to write something that is not part of my bad poetry writing (bear with me there, either I will eventually get the hang of it or quit). Yet it is not to be about short fiction or flash fiction or a review of something either. No. This is to be *Thoughts*. Thinking out loud, figuratively, thinking in black and white letters on my screen. Shaping colourful thoughts into unicolorous letters. Projecting. Letters forwarding images, ideas, thoughts. Letters forming thoughts. You get the drift, you are familiar with the process. Clearly.

But, I mean to prepare you, dear visitor to this blog. This page and the posts to it are things I would like to get your opinion on. Share your thoughts on the topics, answer to comments, discuss, talk to each other. Writing should never be a one way street, I don’t own a megaphone to scream my thoughts off of the top of my building. Although, if I did own a megaphone… no, I’d much rather get answers and views than just throw my words out there.

So here it is, the formal invitation, dear stranger, come as a friend, converse with unknown friends.

Request topics if you like.

I will get to it in a jiff, chivalry is to be the first thing I would like to talk about.

The following one is a sidenote on the great profession of being an author.

The next one: thoughts on an infographic from on the deaths in Shakespeare’s tragedies.

21 Things I irrationally hate can be found right here.

Hope to see you there.


Linda Catherine


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