This page is 100% dedicated to NaPoWriMo 2014!


April 1st * October leaves in March


April 2nd * Crazy Rotary Lady


April 3rd * Busride Haiku 


April 4th * Teddy Bear Mornings


April 5th * 6 Blocks of Separation


April 6th * Song of a Sunday


April 7th * Song for a play


April 8th * Daisy's Haiku


April 9th * Let's Call it a Day


April 10th * Why Judge


April 11th * A Red, Red Rose


April 12th * Another Stormy Day


April 13th * What You Make Of It


April 14th * Gulls


April 15th * Leaving


April 16th * I Know Why The Cagebird Sings


April 17th * Gone


April 18th * Small Hours in April


April 19th * Cherrytree


April 20th * Forget-me-nots


April 21st * Fifteen Petals


April 22nd * Just A Moment


April 23rd * Taste of Summer


April 24th * As I Fly


April 25th * Rivulets


April 26th * Ricochet 


 April 27th * old souls


April 28th * absolute


April 29th * catch my breath


April 30th * Final Day of April

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