Check out my favourite poetry and some of my own original writing.

I have received questions on this matter recently and yes, everything on this site is my original writing unless clearly labelled otherwise.
For clarity’s sake, the following are quotes of poets that I highly respect:
In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound
“Vulture” by Robinson Jeffers
“The Changeling” by Charlotte Mary Mew
And following this, my own writing: 
A November Walk
Live for the Show
Solitude within Multitude *
Featured on *Freshly Pressed*
A Lifetime in a Grain of Sand
Green Tea Baby
At the Funeral
Goodnight December
Tinker Tailor
The Tale of the Ice Princess and Her Time at the Sea Side
The Anchor
Of Chains and Of Wings
Dreams, Like Ashes in the Sky
The Final Objection
The Tempest’s Song
A Fleeting Heart
The Tale of a Lion
In the smoke
So I run
A Mad Man’s Love Note
Absolutely Nothing
Death by July
Walking Solo

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