I’m a’dreaming – I’m a’planning

As per usual, I find myself in a situation where borderline delusional dreams and more concrete plans need to be made to fit into the same space. My time as a post-grad lit student comes to a close within the next few months hence it’s time for that semi-existential crisis thought of what comes after yet again. sigh.

I loved freelance writing and being the social-media and web person for my first employer and then for the studio. But the whole reason for adding the Master’s was to become more professional, more qualified and versed in the world of stories and story telling after all. A thought that now seems a bit trivialised by the – let’s face it – regression into the massively infantilised uni-environment.

That being said, I love being a student. Moving to this smallish uni town and returning to Germany once again for this degree has been a wonderful experience. I’ve met the best people, was given amazing opportunities both work and private life related and, I have to admit one of my favourite things about this time has been that I got and still get to talk to people who are as obsessed with words, stories, books, the development of books in this new age and everything about it – AND I even get credits for this. It’s almost like being payed, except for it’s really nothing like being payed.

Truly a wonderful time.

But, now that its just a bit over half a year to go before I graduate, I got the bug. The adventure bug. The working with creatives and being creative and create bug. The moving bug.

My initial and most natural idea was applying for jobs back in the US. Easy as pie. I’ve been sending out applications and am feeling rather good about it. Some got derailed to Canada. No biggie.

I’m expanding my map tho, sending cvs to the UK, and am currently working out how employable Europe might find me in general. Nice thought, getting to stay for another while.

But then the unexpected happened. A novel idea to me. Australia. A wonderful, creative, book-bursting place that has a great bonus of warmth. It might not be a place seeking for foreign creatives but I like me a challenge.

The position offered to me might turn out to pose some logistic problems, scheduling my dissertation and the required move could be impossible. That door, however only in my mind, is opened now, though, and I keep finding myself looking at Melbourne avenues and cafes, Sydney beaches and nightlife. I’m smitten by this great unknown place on the other side of our pretty little planet.

Here’s Buzzfeed’s 59 Reasons living in Sydney ruins you for Life


My current book crush

It’s fall, it’s grad school, it’s book-time!!!

And yes, in case you were wondering, I am crushing. I fell hard and painfully in love. It hit me unexpectedly. In a class focused on ‘(un)making humans’ which I took as my safe-bet, my ‘I’m already so savvy and know my way around conspiracy and dystopian literature I’ll just walk through this class in a breeze’, my (admittedly arrogantly supposed) ‘easy’ balance class to lesser familiar topics. And now I am sprung. Muchly so.

This recommendation does include a confession, though. Before I tell you the title, I must say – hanging my head in shame – I had never heard of this book before.. of this entire trilogy. It completely went past me when it was published in 2004 and the entire decade since. I blame young age – it would really have been the most inappropriate read for me at the time of publication. I don’t know how I missed it. BUT, now missing needs be no more.

So, without any further ado, here it is, my current book crush

Oryx and Crake 

by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood – Oryx and Crake

It’s dazzlingly well written, incredibly clever, dark – oh so dark – shocking, disturbing, grim, with humour more black than The Governor’s soul (may this fictional horror of a character never rest in peace), well-researched as far as Science-Fiction accuracy goes, complex and well.. I’m so *so* biased here. A less objective review never was written, but, on the upside, this is no review. It’s my love letter to Oryx and Crake, it is my recommendation for you.

Atwood takes her readers on a journey, guided by Snowman, who for some reason, seems to have lone responsibility for the children of Crake while Oryx appears to be one of the many voices of varying degrees of cruelty surrounding him.

Pick up a copy some time or get the audio book read by Campbell Scott and let me know what you think about it.

P.S.: I have yet to read the following two novels of the MaddAddam trilogy. And I can’t wait.

The Year of the Flood

Margaret Atwood – The Year of the Flood

Margaret Atwood – The Year of the Flood


Margaret Atwood – MaddAddam

Margaret Atwood – MaddAddam