Vis a vis

What you don’t seem to understand is that I’m not here to win you back

I’m not here to seduce you

To turn you around

I do not want you back

I am here to look you in the eyes and see the truth behind them

See you look me in the eyes heart to tongue sink your teeth tear into flesh but without words

For, I need no explanations need no excuses and none of your reasons

Spare me your sorry and just show me the truth

I don’t need a single word from you

They’ve all been worth nothing so far so I fear nothing’s changed

I want you to know

I need you to know

I want you, you and nothing else, you know

empty phrases useless words

All nothing less than nothingness worth nothing

I am here for my overdue goodbyes

I am here because you’ve been hiding behind the glory of our generation the chosen medium of communication one message

nothing more let’s be friends and I’m sorry and I am heartbroken for your troubles of finding the right words on your fucking keyboard. Spare me

that midnight text. Spare me

your bullshit and cut to the chase

Show me the truth and have the fucking balls to look me in the eyes and see the person not the name on the screen and dare to treat another human being with dignity and maturity’s grace and look them in the face when you cut into their heart for chrissakes that’s the least one can do vis a vis and adieu


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