Farewell for the Good

You always were good

A kind, and a good with so much love

Filled up to the very top with good

soles to scalp to the tip of your hair, goodness

born to help, trained to cure, the remedy for the broken and sick, home for the lost and refuge for the loosing

just good

from the first subtle glance, to the very last tear

You always were good

Your love was a shiny, brand new bulb in an empty, dusty house

skeletons rejoiced, they danced in the shadows of your light, the vivacious, slightly insane dance of the long dead

Just as everyone who met you they fell for your honest smile, your words, your kindness

your good

They all knew and so did I, you always were good

Half the love I had for you was envy of your good

my dark hungered for a bite off your kindness

a strand of your goodness

just a glimmer of you was enough to poison my stream and drive my search for the better me, for my own good

you always were meant to be somebody’s good

I wanted to be that somebody

but my dark

My dark lingered in your good

My dark emanated through your good

Goodness, I wanted to be your good so bad

For a slight moment in time, I think I had you convinced that I too could be good

I had you fooled for a second, I know

But you saw my dark

my inevitable wrong

my incurable lost

But you couldn’t help it then could you?

couldn’t stop and think and see and feel that I will never be your good?

Never your counterpart.

Never your right.

You set out to cure me, be my remedy, fix my broken, medicate my sick, guide my lost, win my loosing

You always were good

I knew in staying would be your demise

I know in loving you with all my heart I would break you sometime

I knew in staying would be my end

I know in loving you with all my heart would be my breaking in time

When i left I turned to see you cry

take in your sad

take in your hurt and defeated

take in your pain and depleted

I took in your dark and your wrong

so that you could be good again

I always was the wrong

You always will be the good

fare well


One thought on “Farewell for the Good

  1. In whatever way another leaves us, they are gone.
    Our love for others is real.
    It’s osmotic effect is to share in in the everyday life we live.
    When our love goes away, so too does part of us.
    A cut on the body will soon heal. There is a process we can trust.
    Our thoughts are more devious and can lead us to dark places.
    Leonard Cohen once wrote “There is a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in”.
    None of us is without pain, we all are cracked and so we live to feel the warmth and light of the boundless love that remains for us to share.
    Linda Catherine, the words you share open many a crack and with that make it possible to see. B

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