velvety fresh vapors arise

as the lid is unscrewed slowly and smooth

warm skin against cold crystalline glass

deepest night – liquified

The clearest midnight sky in a bottle

slowly you turn the flask to see

the surface give in to gravity

Simplest instance of purest beauty

The quill draws ribbons of shiny dark blue

softly scratching – stroking the paper

Thoughts run through fingers

the feathered medium soakes and releases

phrasing love and trust

relates I miss you and see you soon

Oceans might seperate

this however shall pass

on from hand to trusted hand

until it reaches your doorstep

my love, family, and friend

With care folded the envelope raised for a kiss

Carefully sealed not the opportunity missed

to caligraph the receivers name

and finish this rainy afternoon’s game

Replace the lid – switch off the lamp

Time to attend to matters of your busy life’s demand


p.s. please write back soon


a response to pens and pencils


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