How do you like it?

The steam

covering glass like blankets of the softest, translucent silk

swooshing and oozing from polished metal

appliances exhaling golden scented vapour

The chatter and laughter like bubbles in a crystal glass

they rise and burst open to give way to the next wave

Pink and white tufts of luscious sweetness – as resting ballerinas

they sit atop their thrones of wheaten confection

Chocolate squares of nearly baked dough

Coconut, carrot and ginger lend their colours also

Like a shot the hot shoots through

caught by a mug then brought to you

Have your choice and enjoy your bounty

that has always been olden and will ever be brand new


One thought on “How do you like it?

  1. I am preparing to feed the multitudes on NYE and after reading your words, am better equiped. The steaming, bubbling dishes sound rather enticing and I am filled with false ambitions of being the next Jamie Oliver. Happy New Year LC

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