barbed wire for boughs of holly

So if this be the winter of my discontent

I shall embrace it like an old, much missed friend

As the rain tickles my face with sweetest kisses

As the wind brushes a strain strand from my cheek

I sway with the songs of the city

cars and trains, trucks and shoes, doors and horns

scratching the surface of my city

I am out of doors and behind bars no more

I run wild and fly free through concrete canyons

I shall salvage every single second of the season’s bitter bathos

diving through greyly gushing neptunian nostalgia

as the radiant ruler of Davie Jone’s chest

The rapping tap tap of veracity came like a shot through my very membrane

My walls shattered like crystal ornaments on gelid marble

Only to raise this pernicious cliff – the moat for my castle

A palisade for my malaise

Barbed wire for boughs of holly

Lies and cheats no more deception nor defeat

Just me running wild flying free

Through glacial glens of my city

So if this is the winter of my discontent

Why, I shall be nothing but content


2 thoughts on “barbed wire for boughs of holly

  1. Be it your winter of discontent with a shining shaft of winter light beond those concrete canyons. Be content in knowing that everything has its season, all things will change. Recognition of the winter comes only when thoughts of spring have penetrated our mind.
    Do have a beautiful Christmas Linda Catherine. Your poems and writings throughout the year have been inspiring and provocative amd I thank you for that and the kind comments you have made.B

    inspiring and thought provoking

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