Walking Solo

Moon so full
The streets so dull
So dull and full of nothing
I seem to call
I scheme to fall
In everlasting un-love
Not hate for all
Note: hate – recall
Just sweet ardent indifference
You stood I saw
You man of straw
In fields of dying amber
Under the moon
Undone so soon
Never one of much composure
You waved a paw
You nodded and saw
Me staring crudely at you
I knew you so
Abjectly low
My turning from you must seem
Your heart, you cried
Your brain, you sobbed
And fiercely wanted ‘home’
More brave to be
More strong and flee
Your strawly tinnen echo
I heard your plea
Your voice’s with me
Every sleep and waking hour
I did not help
Ignored the yelp
Not again I murmured growling
Walked my step
On silver and wet
On the moon lit bricken road

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