Shout-out for Ms Checka

Hey everyone,

The next time you find yourself thinking that you don’t know enough about American history or that you should really freshen up what you do know – but, don’t know where to turn to, what to address first in your hunger for knowledge – you might feel overwhelmed and a little scared too… well fear no more!

I would like to introduce your saviour – my good friend the literature and history buff – Ms Checka!

There are tons of videos filmed at the sites she talks about, which is in the middle of Boston Common, at Dartmouth College etc etc.

She first started a couple of months back, and her videos are a frequent instalment to my personal Facebook channel’s timeline. So I found myself watching her videos with a nice cup of coffee over breakfast every so often. It’s a great way to start the day with nutrition (not on Poptart-mornings I assure you) and knowledge. Her videos are good for any time of the day, though, between classes, before movie night, while waiting for your tea water to boil. They are short and concise, well narrated and focused. Ms Checka, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, is a master story teller, the most popular teacher at her former job and the most wonderful person.

I would love to see her internet endeavours more supported and appreciated, so please give her a shout out sometime 🙂

Thanks everyone, have a fantastic Tuesday, wherever you are 🙂


Linda Catherine

P.S. Also, as a special post-Halloween treat, she recorded a couple of Poe’s for us. These vids are a tad longer but totally worth it.

Here’s the raven, read by Ms Checka in a closet before Halloween


2 thoughts on “Shout-out for Ms Checka

  1. Welcome Linda Catherine. I had a raven sit above my chamber door only yesterday.
    Squawking and gurgling in it’s throat, it was a ghastly, un-pleasant sound but demanded I seek it out.
    Ms.Checka is vital and makes interest where interest may not lie.
    Good to have some of your classic choices back, they have been sorely missed.
    Halloween is a crazy thing, but maybe Australia is catching on and will begin to understand that its a bit like ‘Off-side’ in soccer and cannot be defined or explained.
    Now, deeply into your Fall, there could be a wealth of interesting work emanating from you and I look forward to that. Cheers.B

    1. Halloween really has developed into a very strange custom over the decades, most of it to love – I think – much to marvel and some parts shameful head-shakers (that much admitted). thank you, B, for your kind words. please know that they are much appreciated. it’s good to be back and I will make sure to catch up with your work presently.

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