On The Right to Recline

Now, I found this, and found it entertaining hence had to share it here, with you.

Satire or honest opinion – or both, sometimes they can be the same thing, mostly i guess, if you take irony into the equation and the fact that it (irony) transmits opinions more freely to those on their feet… anyways, however you want to read this article on a current dispute about who should have the right of an airline seat’s reclining function – the on-seated or the behind-seated. You see, apparently people take great offence if their in front seated human reclines their chair to decent into deeper levels of sleep as they reach higher levels of comfort during their time on travel-hight, for their knees free space is thusly taken away from them, involuntarily. Impotently they must take this slap to their kneecaps’ freedom. As the human in front of them snoozes, they simmer. Is this right? I know not. Is it just? Well… I guess so since every.body.reclines.their.seats, like literally, almost every single person on any flight i have ever been on has reached for the recline-handle the second the flight attendant announces the safe space for reclined positions has been reached.  … Should people just get over their petty affrays and focus on less ridiculously egocentric issues … yeah, that’d be pretty great.

Anyways, good read, now go check it out. It’s the Times for chrissakes, might as well give it a go.

Don’t Want Me to Recline My Airline Seat? You can pay me – NYTimes

Additional thought: I don’t recline. like, I am not reclining my seat unless I go overnight, and sometimes not even then. I’m on the taller side of hights and most seats recline in an awkward angle for me. I’m more the sit up straight and snuggle my travel-pillow kinda person. And if someone in front of me – or behind me for that matter, I find seat-kickers WAY more annoying – bothers me, I ask them to stop, because I’m a human too and I have no right to get all up in their business, I don’t know their life, I don’t know their story. They could have had some kind of surgery and need to recline their seats to avoid further harm to their spines, or they are passed out drunk, I don’t know and wouldn’t know unless I use that little perk called ‘communication’. Write them a little note if you have laryngitis or just don’t want to talk – I’d add that to the note, otherwise they’d turn around and engage you in a conversation, I am sure (unless they are, in fact, passed out drunk, then, my friend, all’s lost for you anyway, stay calm and wait for your little piece of hell to be over, you’re a strong little trooper, I now you can do it!). A little pen-pall-ship on board might just be a start to a beautiful friendship, who knows, you might have a friend for life in a person you’d otherwise silently resented or vocally offended. You’d never know unless you try.

Also, a hint, just don’t support airlines that don’t give enough space to passengers. Here’s a neat trick on how you could avoid supporting them: stop purchasing the low-cost, minimum-space tickets. Seriously, if you’re just gonna be upset about your tiny space anyway, find an alternative instead and focus your energy elsewhere. Just to make life better for everyone.


2 thoughts on “On The Right to Recline

  1. He’s a recliner Jerry!
    Sounds like a Sienfeld episode only it incorporates the economics theory of ‘The Tall Man’ and , for good measure smashes an ad for the “Knee Defender”.
    So much to deal with.
    Being a non-recliner myself ( in fact, I travel in a suit and tie which gives me somewhere to go once my comfort level declines – first the tie off then the jacket – you know the story) I snigger slightly at the controversy.
    I love the idea of everyone hating each other until it’s actually realised that the person in front ( the said Recliner) is just a good guy. A person with whom a life- long friendship may have been afforded under less trying and combative circumstances.
    To recline or not recline ( Shakespeare – the other one) that is the question.
    Let reclination be, if they want to recline, let them. There is nothing gained in decline of the recline, man will forever seek the disinclination of exertion.
    It is for the the vertically inclined to remain so and show these reckless recliners for what they are.B

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