What’s selfishness got to do with suicide?

Just some quick lines on this topic that should be so close to everyones heart. Stop judging start being there for each other. Start caring.

This article is one of the best pieces on suicide and depression I have read in a long time.


also, this is both beautiful and heartbreaking.



One thought on “What’s selfishness got to do with suicide?

  1. Hi!LC
    Yes the article is a straight forward account of a difficult problem for society.
    I try to look at things in a most practical way and because of this, suicide seems quite strange. Why not just make a change? would be my practical mind asking after a suicide, with the heart-breaking realisation that there really wasn’t that choice. Depression is all invasive, it takes over the body, the mind and the environment demanding freedom from its grip in whichever way possible.
    Probably everyone has encountered a suicide in some manner, I have had 5 suicides of friends and associates in my life-time and know of so many others by contacts. Epidemic? Not necessarily, it is just an indication of un-attended or non-recognised illness.
    This article is the first I have read that actually promotes the overt usage of the terms “Suicide” and “Depression” and I think this is a great step in the right direction.
    People will become ill for all kinds of reasons and it is up to medical developments to close the gap between treatable and non-treatable. But as a society, if we can bring all illnesses to the fore, then awareness in itself can be a great catalyst to finding solutions to these cruel and dangerous conditions.
    There is an utter sadness and sense of hopelessness that engulfs those left behind when a person suicides. As friends and relatives provide the comfort they can, it becomes clear that, nobody was to blame and what happens from this point will determine if we, as a world, can bring ourselves to make something of a terrible situation.
    Thankyou Linda Catherine for making this article available. This is now the time to remove the sensationalism that surrounds such events and begin to move toward a society of understanding. B

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