death by July

air streams off concrete in wrinkles

needlessly emphatic and in singles

cars simmer by – tires near liquidify

under a ferally faultless blue sky

the fire you call sun ever in dead center

moon long gone to where he sent her

so he would reign alone

no rain anon

no shades along

no breeze to come

just heat

be gone


3 thoughts on “death by July

  1. Linda Catherine, it doesn’t seem so long since you were writing pieces on winter and fall, seeks strange when there is the odd melting car tyre now.
    It seems that seasons are eternally something in the future or in the past, with just a day or two of the ‘Now’. That perfect day! B

    1. seems strange indeed. we are ever subject to the rhythm of seasons, aren’t we? our emotional and physical beings so respond to the environment that there is really no way of avoidance. personally, i just love fall, everything about it, time for wellies and hot cocoa and halloween and cozying up with a book without guilt. but every season has it’s inspirations, beauty, up- and downsides. adjustment, patience and that little aspect of hyper-awareness brings joy to every time of the year and every day in it.

      1. We live in a temperate climate and our fall (or Autumn as we call it) is the most beautiful season. Long twilight evenings and sunny days.
        I absolutely believe that we are guided by the weather and by seasons. As with the circadian rhythm effecting our waking hours, I am sure that a greater rhythm whilst undetectable, effects our yearly cycle.
        One of the really great feelings is the anticipation of Spring and hearing the B,a birds extending their calls.
        Ah! Sweet pleasures and all for free.B

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