absolutely nothing

Dull – one may call it
No Tv
No Cell
No games
Nothing to tell or talk about at all right now

Boring – one may find it
Barely asleep
Not really awake
I’m reading lines the genius wrote centuries ago
Revelling in them as my eyes move on and my heart jumps out
to greet the storm with the mad king once again

Uneventful – one may deem it
As the clouds drift by the open window
A not quite there breeze swifts the curtains
Birds lazily sing their blues above barely shifting leaves
Neither hot nor cold – I think that’s what they’d call mild

Flat – one may judge it
this afternoon of subtle peace
with nothing to do but to sit here with you
your head resting on the pillow against my shoulder
Dreaming with eyes half open

Uninspired – one may now critique it
after having read these lines
lines baring sweet nothingness
of dull, boring, uneventful and flat nothingness
of nothing to write about and nothing to tell

2 thoughts on “absolutely nothing

  1. I find it peaceful and fulfilling. My life is spent taking away the complicated and detailed, this is what I aim for – un eventful, boring, dull, flat,uninspiring – all as defined by those whom have not yet mastered life.B

    1. I could not claim yet that I have mastered life, admiration goes out to those who truthfully can, but i do have grand regard for the little things, comes with being just a little hyper aware i guess.

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