Yellow Ribbon

This is one great and sensible movement!

All dog-parents and anyone else should know about this and be aware of what that yellow ribbon stands for.

My pupster may be old now and a little careful but he’s always happy to meet old and new friends. But when he was a just lil’one still he injured his back paw pretty badly, cast for weeks kinda badly – this is not the time and place to talk about river pollution but who the hell tosses glass or trash into rivers!? kids, grownups and animals hurt themselves viciously before they even know what happened. Anyway, he was supposed to take it slow for ages and ages, try explaining that to a half-year-old social little fluff. He didn’t understand and the other dogs only sorta understood, but the owners – luckily – were great about it. Triggered by the visual cue of a big bright cast they kept their dogs slow, without ignoring that desperate-for-attention goldie. Visual cues, life’s all about visual cues 😉 hence, communication, acceptance, tolerance. dogs and owners will appreciate your effort 🙂



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