So I run

So I run

I might not be flying

But I’ll be

Dancing in the meadows

Beneath a tree

Surrounded by daisies

They’ll sway with me

In the breeze

Beneath floating clouds

Sky as far as eyes can see

The horizon is my finish line

Stars stand witness to this run of mine

Sun’s watching over me

The moon accompanies him indefinitely

Turns they take

Together and alone

One is there forevermore

Or nevermore

Whatever more

I run and smile at them

I cover my eves to see them

I salute my fortunes for them

For always watching over me

Then – I tumble and fall

Get up and stand tall

Brush off the dust

The leaves and grass

Look up to the sky

They still smile

I run on

Fleeting like the breeze

I may not fly

But I am free


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