And the Waltz Goes On

This, good people, might just be the best thing on the internet . . . of all times quite possibly. Sir Anthony Hopkins hears the Waltz he composed 50 years ago for the first time, performed by André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. Taken from “André Rieu – Under the Stars. Live in Maastricht 5.”

This happened in 2012 – quite incredible that I just found out about this today as a friend posted it on facebook . . .


2 thoughts on “And the Waltz Goes On

  1. Remarkable! To effect so many people in such a positive way is just great.
    This is what I love about music, art and writing; it can shift a person from one way of thinking to another in a moment.
    Andre Rieu does his thing beautifully and to see all the effected ones swaying too and fro, cements his place as the great communicator he is.
    As a lover (not learned) of classical music, I was not aware that Sir Anthony Hopkins composed music, much less such beautiful work.
    To make something and give it away is something that will always drive the creative need. Thanks Linda Catherine, it was an up-lifting and pleasurable experience to share.B

    1. I too was thrilled to have someone point me to this and am more than happy to have the chance to share this joy. It truly comes close to the literal meaning of awesome (not the overused, trivialized version we know and love these days). I had no idea about Hopkins’ musical talent myself either, yet it somehow only makes sense. A brilliant mind like his must create.

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