Cyber hero

Man, some inspiring lady!
I think this affects every one of us – not just bloggers or blog readers but any one, Internet or face to face interaction.
Standing up for what is right – speaking out for kindness and justice rather than being concerned with creating some kind of self-adulation or representation.
Joining into a nasty chorus doesn’t prove any strength – speaking out against the crowd is what brings a strong character to show.

Cyber Hero – Elizabeth Banks

3 thoughts on “Cyber hero

  1. This is exactly what I believe Linda Catherine. It is so easy to get on board the bus of the common and travel to the mall, but I choose the road less travelled not because of being different but to call it as it is.
    To condemn is easy and makes anti-heroes of otherwise un-interesting people. My basic principle is that everyone has something to give and needs an avenue to allow that to translate. Finding the good, finding the positive outcome and finding the love in us all is not an easy thing, but so satisfying once tapped.B

    1. I couldn’t agree more, the internet isn’t bad, it just comes down to the way people use it. it can be such a blessing, especially in times of intense and brutal social seclusion (i’m speaking of the flu here) it is so incredibly comforting to have to world’s knowledge at your disposal. Of course first and foremost books bring comfort and wisdom, sure, but keeping up with what’s happening out there (news-wise) and keeping in touch with friends without running the risk of turning into this may’s own typhoid mary is marvellous. bullying didn’t come as a side effect of the internet and gossip rooms, it was there long before. but reading something hurtful in a medium as permanent as the internet can seem more real and destructive than knowing that the cleaning lady’ll be washing it off the stall wall sometime soon. bullying is bad and wrong and weak, whichever form it takes. it’s everybody’s responsibility to stand up & speak up.

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