Look up

Maybe a bit ironic that I watched this on my phone, but I have the flu and just don’t give a hoot.
Something to mull over this Sunday
Which also happens to be glorious may the fourth (yes, the rest of the sentence shall be left implied, you may utter it as you return to it now)

Look up
And enjoy the day

One thought on “Look up

  1. Ironic indeed Linda Catherine. What a great find and yes digital people are not real, friendships not rendered and loneliness not allayed, but this is the world of today.
    In early years people would not encounter another soul if they were a country person and here today they can enjoy a whole new set of possibilities.
    I loved this piece, in fact I teared-up on this one, it being so accurate. There are regrets with this new way of communicating and all of the points made were relevant, but I live with hope and confidence that people still need people.
    Remember the song ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world’ well I think that still stands today.
    Like you, I am constantly challenged by the way people perform, but there is always for me, and I suspect for yourself, the hope and the confidence that nothing will replace personal contact. For now, hooking-up with others, whilst it isn’t a priority is pretty special in its own remote way.
    Getting the flu is the mind’s way of slowing the body to re-build and re-challenge, or perhaps you could have just got ‘the bug’. Keep well. B

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