Diamonds in the rays of light
Glistening oblivion
Sparkling, shining all too bright
Unknowing daft delight

Crystals, like snowflakes
Uniquely brilliant
Our gemstone
A beauty
Frozen in time

In stagnation
You and me
Perfect captivation

We held it up
For as long as we held still
We kept it up
For as long as we stood

The rays
Turn against us
The days
De-gem us
The way
Ice melts, us
Our shining, glistening, unique
Is washed away
Gone with the thawing
The return of motion
Gone with the spring


7 thoughts on “Defrost

    1. Thank you for sharing this! Unfortunately I don’t speak your language thus couldn’t read what you have written about this movie, but I am looking forward to watching it! Cheers

            1. twitter’s right on my blog, in the left side-column feel free to follow 🙂 i haven’t got a fb page connected to this blog for the time being.

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