As ashes swirl in darkened waters
Giving shapes to flows and currents
So flees the love that once was hers
From slowly wilting embers


4 thoughts on “Gone

  1. It’s a grey day here and the Easter light is struggling through the clouds and mist. A perfect reflective poem for the time.Linda Catherine, it is really interesting just keeping in touch with your work and I appreciate it. When I began painting I used to draw and paint the ‘Masters’ works. It taught me a lot about technique but what I really enjoyed was actually sitting in the same chair and using the same paints as them. Feeling what they may have felt whilst creating their great work.
    To immerse myself in the work of the Masters was a privilege that was never assumed, and, as I read your works, I am enjoying the work and the thoughts that bring it into being.B

    1. You must be one of the very few painters to ever have the privilege of sitting in the master’s chair – mentally and physically – what a humbling and enlightening experience it must be! Art & the written word are such a well of knowledge and emotion, one can never learn enough from it – feeling very Dr Faustus on this train of thought.
      Also, I appreciate your continuance of support, thank you! Returning (blog world) faces are a marvelous motivation to keep at it.

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