Why judge

Just put yourself

In my new shoes

And you might see

It’s what I do

That makes up me

Just who I am.

Try and look

Past the curtains

That you put up

To lock them out

Out of your head.

We’ve been down

This road before

Time and time again

I fear –

You might never quite understand

Just what it is

That is so ignorant

About that way of thinking

It’s not just age

Generation matters

It’s basic humanity

Acceptance through understanding

Why don’t you try and run one mile

In my shoes, in hers or his

Look through their eyes and see

Feel their pain just for one day

Laugh with them – laugh with us

We’re all just one

All so different

We are the snowflakes

Nothing but leaves on a tree

Sand on the beach

Waves on the sea

We are all just living the best we can.


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