Top Three

Being obsessed with crime fiction from early childhood on (I’m not even making this up, Doyle was the predominant creator of my bedtime stories) I couldn’t be more delighted to find that two marvellously brilliant crime writers brought their output to the top three of the upcoming New York Times Best Seller list for Hardcovers and the third is no one lesser than the astounding Donna Tartt herself!

No 1

NYPD Red 2 - Patterson & Karp
NYPD Red 2 – Patterson & Karp

James Patterson and Marshall Karp hit the golden #1 with the sequel NYPD Red 2. Hailing Patterson yet once again seems a bit redundant as he has had his face plastered around the world on a cover of the New York Times Magazine quite recently for being “the man who can’t miss”. Yet, one obligatory side-note on that matter, he has, indeed, made it on the Guinness World Record list for having the most NYT Best Sellers, ever.

The NYPD Red series is centred around Detective Zach Jordan. He is the acclaimed best in his field, that being the protection of NYC’s rich and powerful elite. For, the New York Police department under the code RED is concerned with high profile crimes only. 

The intriguing – and admittedly at times quite concerning – lovestory between Jordan and his partner Detective Kylie MacDonald aside, this sequel unfolds an equally disturbing crime as the preceding thriller. The crime scene is one known to all, the eerie carousel in central park. What they encounter there is one of Manhattan’s best connected and most wealthy female citizens, donning a Hazmat suit, tied to one of the perpetually grinning horses. 

This sadistically murdered victim is the fourth in a string of horrific murders plaguing the Big Apple. Politicians, public and press are united in the shared demand of the murderers head(s). The pressure on the detectives mounts as they seek to solve the crimes at hand.


No 2

Missing You - Harlan Coben
Missing You – Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben’s latest thriller Missing You – published by Random House’s “boutique imprint” Dutton – His protagonist carries a badge with the initials NYPD as well.

Detective Kat Donovan uncovers what appears to be her ex-fiancée’s dating site profile. Hurt yet hopeful she pursues this trail only to find herself on the edge of an extensive conspiratorial criminal network. 

Challenged to doubt herself, her own past and everyone around her, Donovan’s story leads the reader deeper into disturbed waters than one wishes to step. Yet, it’s Coben, after all, what else, but a immensely well crafted trouble provoking and deeply disturbing thriller could one expect?


No 3

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt
The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

The long anticipated follow-up to The Little Friend and The Secret History lives up and beyond all expectations of those in devout favour and those equally wholeheartedly opposed (post coming soon) to the price-winning novelist Donna Tartt.

Her third novel tells a story of love, the pain of loss, and art.

Theo, who lost his beloved mother when barely a teen, sidles between his dusty antiquities shop and glamorous drawing rooms of Manhattan’s upper-class. The perpetual draw of the dark underbelly of the art-world and his worrisomely troubled social-life are matched only by the loss of his mother.

Alienation and the theme of Fabritius’ finch run through this complex storyline like a golden lining.


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