My nest is wool and down

Cuddly warm feathers

Submerged in a hot tub of comfort

The slightest move releases scented heathers


Releases lavender and cotton

And that very distinct note

You know the one

The one different to every abode


Cocooned warmth of eternal sun days

Hand-made tea mugs and dryer baked linen

Of love filled rooms and long lazy Sundays

Scented with safety, comfort, enchantment driven


As I try to explain to my sleep filled brain

What it means to be at home

The voices suddenly kick in again

Humming along with the beep – not quite alone


Get up, they sing

Get going, they blurt

The world waits not

You lazy –


Wait, no such language here,

Teddy’s fluffy ears are easily offended

And, let me tell you, dear-y

Such obscenities need not be extended


That is no way to get me moving, anyway.

I’ll turn around just for a moment

Will shut out the world for now, postpone the day

Take a note and do schedule my atonement

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