You are the one
Who makes my heart beat slow down
When the world is a rush
A wild water stream
And I’m without float
When I’m drowning
You’re the buoy
The lifeline
Until I learn how to swim again.

You are the one
Who increases focus
When life’s a haze
When I’m lost seeking
In the centre of a rocky maze
You lift the veil
You say it’s ok
And I see again.

You are the one
When I wander the darkness
When I cross cobbly stones
When my heart freezes over
Tranquilizes my bones
You’re there, not one word of redundancy,
You walk with me, sit with me, in silence
Until I return
And I’m free again.

You are the one
Clearer than any glass
I see the world in you
Through you I feel
Wholeness in division
Dual individuality
With you I am me again.

You are the one
Who makes my heart beat rush
Push blood through my veins
High velocity flush
You touch my hand, appear in the crowd
You smile at me and I know
That it’s me you see not anyone else
Around you I know myself again.

2 thoughts on “You

  1. Simon and Garfunkel sang about ‘Old Friends’ – ‘Old friends, sit on the park bench like book-ends, wrapped in their overcoats waiting for the sun to rise’-
    When I read your poem something moved me inside. I always imagined sitting on a park bench with a friend I held dear, alas that is not to be. Your poem captures that warmth of friendship, support and comfortable nothing-ness. Your depth of understanding in this work is quite profound and thank you Linda Catherine for reminding me of such wonderful feelings.B

    1. thank you, B. Again. Your quote is wonderful, that song made it right onto my current playlist. such lovely lyrics. Especially the first three rhymes are just magical. ‘old friends – park bench – book-ends.

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