The Tempest’s Song


Don’t look back

not in anger

nor fear

just get moving


Beat it

Get out of here



Don’t ever look back

Don’t ever hold still

nothing good could come of it

nothing good ever will


The faucets drip slowly

leaking – never tight

The wind howls through windows

not safe

not tonight.


The trees sway violently

in the tempest’s baritone

It sings relentlessly

I am outbound, end-prone


Me never again

I not any more

Not here not again

Since my heart it tore


Apart, away,

off – under – no more stuck

The world topples over

Under the waves it will be locked up


Not me, I’ll be sailing

across the hills and the grass.

The end shall be nothing

only matterless mass.


For, I will fly, you shall see

Over mountains and rocks

Over heather – in the end I will be

Finally absolutely and chainlessly free.


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