To Magic

Do you believe in magic?

In wonders, and spells, and miracles?

In dancing pixies by the pond

And trolls and ogres, sirens and ghosts?


A Foolish man once said

“No man, I don’t”

He fell down a well

Suddenly was fond

Of talking to things

That eyes cannot detect

Of praying to gods

And begging for help.


Oh yes, when in doubt,

Those magical beings

They are the ones

That we turn to, unseeing.

When humans forsake us

When all science fails

And our own strength has weakened,

Has left us no choice.


No choice. Is that what it takes

For man to turn to elves?

To goblins and banshees

To brightly lid shrines and hand carved idols

To the supreme beings up high?

To magic.


2 thoughts on “To Magic

  1. The pretence that life requires of us, ensures that we are careful to not show our hand when it comes to some of our beliefs. In fact it is possible to pretend being the antithesis of a believer until the chips are down.B

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