Springtime Shadow on a White Wall


Depending on how long you have been following this sweet sweet blog of mine you may or may not have seen a number of themes come and go.

And you might know, from previous posts or knowing me personally, that I don’t go well with stagnation.

So, since springtime is here and I wanted to mix it up a little I changed the theme of my blog once again.

Including a couple of new pics of yours truly.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

Also, I’ve been wondering how well this poll option would work, so here it is, my first poll

fun fun fun!

hope you all are having a beautiful thursday, wherever you are : )

tons of love



2 thoughts on “New Theme on the Blog

  1. The new ‘Linda Catherine’ blog theme, flummoxed me initially. I went to my favourite blogs for a peek and wondered who this could be. It looks really good and highly professional.Well done. I think your poll is a good idea, but I still like commenting under my own steam – it will be helpful though. The photograph is intriguing. Very mysterious. I need someone to do that for me as I am completely remedial in that area. Good writing LC. B

    1. Thanks a million, B. For all your kind assessments. And I’m honoured to have made it onto your list of favourite blogs : ) If the photograph you were talking about was the one of the fade on the white wall, it was rather easy to take. I just walked by a wall, thought it looked kind of cool and thus snapped a couple of shots. no complicated sorcery behind this : )

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