21 things I irrationally hate

I love this idea! Saw it over on perceptive pot clueless kettle who got the idea from tipsylit and couldn’t help myself. Here it goes, an assorted collection of things I hate, *absolutely* ; ) irrationally:

1. Dolls.
Creepy little wanna-be humans.

2. Marky mark/mark wahlberg. He can keep on changing that name and profession as much as he likes, nothing’s going to change.
He knows what he did.

3. People who try and convince others to convert to veganism.
It’s a lifestyle choice, get over yourselves and just live and let live.

4. Same goes for religious persuaders. Just accept others for their choices and stop trying to change or hurt each other.

5. Lists.

6. Listless people.

7. People who cannot take things seriously for long enough to finish lists of things they irrationally hate.

8. Loosing my train of thought.

9. The twilight movies.

10. Even worse, the twilight books. “Saga”? I don’t think so.

Conversations containing one or all of the following redundantisms:
11. The book was better than the movie.
12. Their music was much better before they tried to be more mainstream.
13. I like Vanilla.
Ehrm. Yes thank you, captain obvious.

14. Asparagus.

15. Not receiving an answer to applications. There is heart-blood drizzled on these pages. Would a “no thank you” really take up that much of your time?

16. Dead clocks.
Creep me out. Is it supposed to be a sign or something? No, wait, what? I’m not superstitious.

17. Spiders.
They are up to something!

18. People yelling into their phones on the train sharing indecent information about their weird lives with the whole carriage.

19. Stagnation. Goes for weather, lifestyle, traffic, you name it.

20. Busses.

21. When I’m supposed to be asleep because I have to be up and a functioning hooman early the next morning but I keep on being stuck on the internet.

update from the 7.March: 

Not to worry, I managed to wake and wander this earth productively today despite yesterday’s late-night irrational hatred listomania. Thank you all very kindly for your concern.

There you go, now you know me 21. Points better than you did before reading this post. Have a wonderful rest of your day/evening/night. Wherever you are.

Linda Catherine

10 thoughts on “21 things I irrationally hate

    1. Gosh, Thank you. Humbling comparison, Rodney Dangerfield is unreachable in brilliance and comedy. I remember one movie with him, Bill Murray, and (I think it was) Chevy Chase, I simply couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember the name or even what they were actually doing but it was hysterical. The former two thespians plus Jeff Goldblum, none really compares to their genius.

  1. Wasn’t this fun!?!?!? I am so with you on the spiders. Two nights ago a little creatin came down and actually bit me on my nose. I kid you not. Now I look like a combination of the Wicked Witch of the West and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not that I don’t like her or Rudolph, I just don’t need to look like their love child. Have a great evening.

    1. Evil little creatures! They observe your habits, seek out your vulnerabilities and strike when you least expect it (re: sleepy nose bite) Cruel. (Although, cards on the table, I am team Elpheba, name loyalty to the “good” witch aside.)
      There is one arachnid living in the corner of my bedroom. I say “living”, but what I actually mean is “watching me, plotting my demise”. I cannot take it outside, it might be expecting the merciful move and strike. No way Imma kill it, the revenge of its kind is all too terrifying a thought.
      World dominion is their end-scheme, I’m sure of it.

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