Deep thoughts on Sunday

Head for the middle of nowhere and then maybe, someday, you might end up discovering the most magical somewhere



7 thoughts on “Deep thoughts on Sunday

  1. I am surprised constantly of the fact that actually seeing things is unusual. In painting, one of the most important things for me is to look at things. By doing this my inclination is to notice minutiae of the flora and fauna that surrounds me.for this I am grateful.B

  2. The middle of nowhere. I took my weekly “Getting hopelessly lost” drive yesterday and found myself right there in the middle of nowhere. What a brilliant surprise. Just when I thought that I knew my hometown area well, something new presents itself. Your post captures these wonderful adventures for me and although I didn’t find your beautiful creek, many other things were new and thrilling also. Thanks Linda Catherine.B

    1. I love this! Although exploring a foreign place is such an adventure and excitement, there is always something new to find even at the place one calls home. I try and make it a priority to go on an off road hike with my pup whenever I get the chance (come good come bad weather) and we always end up discovering someplace new and beautiful almost every time.

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