To my Shakespeare loving friends

Ok, I won’t apologize for sharing another one of The Internet’s gems with you all out there. Nor about my apparent inability to even come close to “every Wednesday(-ish)” but, who knows, I might get the hang of it eventually.

Shakespeare’s Tragedies – EVERYBODY DIES

Found here

I cannot even begin to express how much I love this casual and (bonus!) visual crash course of all the crazy dying going on in the fantastic tragedies of the great bard.

Just some side notes, this chart is pretty self-explanatory as it stands.

A & C’s “Iras drops dead”… What can I say. Understatement? Maybe. Hysterically understated illustration? Definitely!

Titus… I cringed even looking at these figures. “Tamora dies of indigestion”. Whait what?! … IN-DI-GESTION!!!? 

This play has been haunting me *for years*.

In case you have seen the movie version… strength be with you, friend. We will get through this somehow. If you haven’t seen the movie but read the play, unless you love gore and are interested in an account that is *even more* brutal, cruel, and bloody (if that is even possible) than the way it’s portrayed by S already… Don’t watch this. I repeat: DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS!

Timon “just throws himself away”. Yes, that happened.

That last one, Antigonus’ exit from The Winters Tale, I have to admit, the first time I read this play, I had to laugh upon encountering this very casual mentioning of a bloodthirsty animal pursuing one of the characters off the stage. How very unprecedented, I thought to myself. Animals don’t really get on the payroll for these plays very often. But when they do, you are bound to remember that they where there.

It amazes me, yet once again, to see just how much stabbing and poisoning is going around in these plays.

I would love to hear about your favourite deaths in S’s plays, did they make it to this infographic?

One thought on “To my Shakespeare loving friends

  1. Was CSI a Shakespeare work an if not, how could the bard miss such an opportunity? I think stabbing is my preferred method of disposing of a protagonist though indigestion does thicken the plot somewhat. What romantic could pass-over Romeo and Juliet as a favourite?. B

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