Dreams, Like Ashes in the Sky

That day in summer

We danced through dry yellow fields

Swaying, Laughing, Singing

Dust was my veil

Dead leaves in your crown

We ruled over this brittle place

Where no rain fell from an uniform sky

We ran, we were so free

Green, shrivelling under our rash soles

Life, dying in our blazing breeze

Endless sunshine on our laughing kingdom

Laughter echoing, reverting, bouncing off nothingness

Off smouldering dirt and cremated rocks

We gradually drifted apart in our rapid race

Headed for happiness

You called out to me

Across this searing arena

A match bursting into flames

Like paper, barren fields caught the spark

Nothing to retain it

Everything is transformed into soft grey snow

Before you know it’s over you choke

On the remains of what you once called life

On the ashes of your own past

Covering everything

An annihilating remainder of what’s lost

A warning

To handle dreams with care

To burn candles down slow

Else they might turn

Lethal in the breeze

Like ashes in the sky.


5 thoughts on “Dreams, Like Ashes in the Sky

    1. Thank you for your comment. It looks wonderful. The Arabic alphabet is absolutely beautiful.
      Unfortunately, I really cannot read, nor understand it and it will be a little while until my kind translator will be able to do her magic of being the bridge between languages and signs once more.
      Until then, thank you for the beautiful signs my friend. Best, LC

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