inspirational side-note of the week

My beloved everyone out there,

Out of purest whimsy and via trails that i will not disclose here just now (procrastination did not play a role in my internet adventuring this morning! how dare you even think it might have had anything to do with it), i have discovered the urban dictionary entry for the term author. 

And THIS is what i found:

Someone who is all powerful and totally awesome in every way. They possess the power to kill people without being arrested and can create life against all the rules of science. Though some side effects may include antisocialism and insomnia, they are experts at making people confused with big words and are the only people who can sit in their pajamas all day talking to their imaginary friends and get paid for it. Yeah, be jealous.
How does that person manage to be totally insane and totally awesome at the same time? 
Must be an author.
by AuthorsAnonymous

Delighted as i found myself after this first entry, i had no choice but read it all.

whether you aspire to become a published author in the real world or write for the sake of writing itself, you should give it a go and look at this entry. the self-irony of it all made me laugh (out loud, to my shame) and i just couldn’t bare withholding this gem from you, my writing and creating friends of the blogosphere.

An author is a god, a creator, someone who is not to be tampered with because they need to exercise their minds at all times. They are regular people who struggle through life every day and delve deep into their creations to escape from life.
excerpt of a definition by mindeh

I’ve already quoted my favourite bits here, check out the rest if you’re interested Urban Dictionary author  : )

have a wonderful tuesday (i promised wednesday(-ish) so no complaints or any of this funny-business here!)




2 thoughts on “inspirational side-note of the week

  1. How fantastic. What a perfectly modern description of the noble art of writing. Often I have been astounded by the power of combining alphabet letters to create a pattern of letters, forming a word that could have dramatic implications.
    I love the idea of creating friends and staying up late with them chewing the fat and for them to board their spacecraft and leave for home in outer space. I wonder if JK Rowling is writing a few stories now of other authors. B

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