As the sun rises


As the sun rises over this half waking place I am thinking about those who see him standing in full noon, ready to take their lunch, half way through their day. Students and teachers, of all ages and sizes and shapes.
I think about those who see him setting settling in for the evening, on their way home or already with their loved ones.
About those who see the moon in the night sky, sleepy; scared or safe, at home or lost, sad or happy or any of the endless array of shades in between and beyond. I weep with those in war. I laugh with those in joy. I think of those who dance, and hug, and talk, and watch, of those reading and writing, drawing and painting. Of those being born and those dying. Smiling, crying, alone and together.

Of those – of everything and everyone – on our green and brown, blue and white little marble somewhere amongst blazing stars, frozen rocks, spinning giants and dancing dwarfs.

I love you, little marble. With all my heart. I love you.

3 thoughts on “As the sun rises

    1. If this means what I think it does, then thank you very much! Unfortunately, I neither know how to read nor understand Arabic, but I know people who do and who kindly translated it for me. I appreciate your sentiments : )

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