The Anchor

Follow me down through the rabbit hole

Wipe the tears off, my dear

Come walk with me

The waves run high

The tide runs low

Gulls sail softly in the gales by the sea

Grasses sway gently just let us be

Where the sky is grey

Where the sky turns blue

Just follow me, follow me

Dance with me in the dunes by the sea

Sing with the wind

We will be free

Howl like a wolf at the moon you and me

Cradled in clouds of cotton

Soundly sleep by the sea

Heads filled with sand so that we

Won’t have a worry in the world you will see

Follow me, follow me

Run through the gate to our castle by the sea

One thought on “The Anchor

  1. As I read this I am thinking of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the beautiful compositions of music. There is something quite comforting about taking up a warm spot close to the rumbling of the waves. It would be like sleeping in a tent with the rain pounding down. As I think of watching the seagulls I wonder if the ones I see are the first to arrive or the last to leave. B

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