The Tale of the Ice Princess and Her Time at the Sea Side

I am the departed

I am the half-living

I am but the spitting image 

Of one that roamed the coast yesterday


As Time trickles on

As breaths run in – out

As the beats beat blood

Seeping hot red through blue lines beneath skin


Life continues, it always will find a way

For as leaves sprout, stretch their thin arms, grow

Wings, translucent emerald,

They turn, yellow, red, brown, dropping, Dead


Life will be reborn of ice

Rays nursing it

The source of life set in the centre of it all

Gives, protects, fosters, Burns


The blazing nucleus

To our azure marble.

With legendary benevolence,

Only ask Ikarus.


No matter how long the winter

We trust that life will be rekindled – eventually

The lethargic state of things reanimated

The frozen air, broken


It’s crisp, still

Cold and silent

Lack of interest

No reason to move


I won’t say what you wait to hear

It is not you that brought the ice

Nor your leaving, trust when I say

That it was I – All by Myself


I brought the snow back

The tiny glass crystals

It was I who etherized the air

I was mistaken


I made a deliberate choice

Defeated, stunned my screaming instincts

I changed My rules

Because I wanted what never was for me


Just for a moment in time

I wanted to feel the surf crush freely

I am but a self-fulfilling prophecy

Was thrown, twisted, drowned


So I brought back the ice 

Solidity cannot drown me

Solitude cannot cage me

Ice cannot be burned


Ice brings serenity

Everything that I am

Everything around me

Is devoid of warmth


4 thoughts on “The Tale of the Ice Princess and Her Time at the Sea Side

  1. It is raining here today and after reading this poem I really need to curl up and fill my head with wonderment. Poetry takes me to a space I find hard to describe. It is like a physical connection that is as important as an arm or leg. Thank you for the work. B

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