At the Funeral


I remember him sitting by the fire

Reading, Smoking his pipe

Fumes dancing, curling around him.



I remember him laughing,

When we were all together

Talking, singing, living.



He and she were together,

In youth as in old age

All their lifetime they shared.



He was by her side,

Through good and bad times,

Until she passed away.



He stood still by the flowers,

Black coats, hats and umbrellas swaying

Like the waves of the Lethe all around him.



He lowered the last lily

The last token of his true love

Their lifetime in a blossom.



He returned to her final resting place

Every day at the same hour

As she had left this space.


They dance now together

Now that he passed too,

For lives spent thus entwined

Deserve an eternity for two.



Daily Prompt:Unexpected


7 thoughts on “At the Funeral

  1. As a pastor, I witness many tangled emotions during funerals. Every funeral has been different and each unfold with unique dynamics. This poem is illustrative of how the human spirit endures (or not).

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