Green Tea Baby

Splish, splash, spourging

Out of the silvery well

Into the iron clad hollow

The source of all life fell

Filling it up to the max. line,

Filling it up to the top

Carry it into the fire

Carry it to the hot spot.

Switch it on

Strike the match

Sit down or stand still

Take a minute just for yourself

Time to think

Time to reflect

Time to dream

Time to chat

With the daemons in your head,

To the dreams and the hopes

And the feelings you have

Love lost, love now, love to come.

A whistle,

A cry

I’m ready,

Come by

Steam rushing out of the neck

Dried leaves in a bag

Or loosely assorted

Into china, glass or clay

They swim up and sink down

They dance all around

When the water is poured in

Released to scent 

The steaming outcome

With herbal mastery

They fill the mug

They fill the whole room

My heart my soul my dreams.

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